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Highlights from the Barcelona International Training Event

ACN’s 20th anniversary celebrations throughout 2013 continued at the Barcelona International Training Event as thousands of people were on hand for three days of top-notch training, exciting announcements, captivating promotions and a compelling presentation from special guest speaker Mr. Chris Widener.

Here are a few of the highlights from this incredible weekend


Benevita Weight Loss Contest
A fantastic contest is open to participants who register from 7th October until 30th November, 2013, via the Benevita website. To enter the contest, participants simply need to submit a success story on or before 20th December, 2013, indicating the amount of weight they have lost, a written testimonial about their body’s transformation as well as a before and after photo. There are 10 incredible prizes which will be awarded:

  • 3rd-10th place: these winners will receive a facial and massage at a local spa
  • 2nd place: This winner will receive a three day, two night trip for two to Monte Carlo
  • GRAND PRIZE: This winner will receive a seven day, six night trip for two to Seychelles

Benevita Weight Management System Flyer
This new double-sided informative flyer will be available to download on MyACN for Representatives at the end of this week. It will help you promote the Benevita Weight Management System and acquire new customers.

HUNGARY: Two new service enhancements in partnership with Vodafone.
The first service enhancement is available now and includes a complete new portfolio of residential rate plans (Braveheart), with a choice of handset or SIM only offering. Customers on these plans will benefit from unlimited minutes and SMSs on the Vodafone network or to any other network. These plans also include 2 GB of data.

The second service enhancement will enable you to offer mobile service to small businesses. This will be available in November and will feature a wide range of data packages which includes Mobile Internet for smartbooks, netbooks and laptops.

SPAIN: A service enhancement in partnership with Phone House will be available in November. If your customer is rejected for mobile service for any reason, Phone House will automatically offer the Happy Movil Service (postpaid mobile plan) to that customer.

UNITED KINGDOM: In partnership with First Utility, electricity service for small businesses will be available in November.

DENMARK: Also in November, there will be a Representative launch for a great new partnership with Gul Strøm offering the lowest priced variable electricity on the market.

Special promotions for Fixed Line customers in France, Spain, Poland and Sweden will be available later this month, more details will be announced via ACN in Actions in the coming weeks.

In 2014, Digital Phone Service for small businesses will be launched in multiple countries across Europe.

This exciting new product will be coming to ACN Europe in 2014 following the highly successful launch in North America earlier this year.

The global 20th anniversary edition of Success from Home magazine (in English) will be available to purchase on www.acnbusinesstools.eu this week, as well as the new Barcelona edition of Voice & Vision magazine which includes a feature article on the Benevita Weight Management System.

Italian videos have been added to the Contact Centre, one of the features of Your Business Assistant Plus (YBA Plus). Several Italian videos are available in the Creative Centre including the Essential Services video, an exclusive video for YBA Plus subscribers.

There were a dozen exciting promotions to the position of Regional Vice President with Representatives hailing from seven different countries.

  • Daniele Maurelli from Italy
  • Stoika Gyözö from Hungary
  • Marvin Foe Aman from the Netherlands
  • Frédéric Bolley from France
  • Jimmi Jeppesen from Denmark
  • Céline Bordenave and Jose Angel Lorigados from Spain
  • Stéphane Dos Santos Martins from France
  • Dani Balogun from the Netherlands
  • Nicola Venticinque from Italy
  • Marcel Bischof and Marie-Thérèse Chevalley from Switzerland
  • Michel Destruel from France
  • Emilio Chaparro Beltrán, Ainoha Chapparo, Ettore Di Tuorro and Nany Díaz from Spain

A total of 27 newly promoted Regional Directors were also congratulated on stage by the Co-Founders and the European Vice President of Sales, Wayne Holbrook.

ACN welcomed special guest speaker Mr. Chris Widener, who provided the crowd with insights on how to become a transformational leader. Alongside this guest speaker were many top Representatives at ACN including Senior Vice Presidents and Regional Vice Presidents:

  • Filippo Silvi – The key to success: sponsoring and duplication
  • Danny Volonino (North American Circle of Champions Member) - Taprooting
  • Dominique Cano-Flores - Three essential beliefs for success
  • Brian Sax – How to create a presentation machine
  • Jamal Uddin – Getting started
  • Art Napolitano – Key wellness strategies
  • Mathieu Lamontagne – Sorting for leaders
  • George Zalucki – Leadership
  • Myriam de la Sierra & Bash Bokhari – Recruiting
  • Asos Harsin – Promoting Events
  • Levis Marcelino Cassino & Liliana Andrea Gomaris - How to market the Benevita Weight Management System

ACN Co-Founder, Mike Cupisz, announced a new Team Coordinator Bonus for the month of October, 2013, (retroactive to the 1st October 2013):

New Representatives who earn the position of Team Coordinator in 120 days will earn a bonus of €5,000 / £4,300!

Important note: the newly qualified Team Coordinator must remain fully qualified for 90 days to receive the bonus.

Ronald McDonald House Charities
ACN and the Co-Founders believe in always giving back to the community they visit. On Friday, Mike Cupisz welcomed Angel Bataller, from the Spanish division of Ronald McDonald House Charities, to the stage to present to the audience.

Everyone at the event showed their generosity throughout the weekend and the total amount of donations was matched euro for euro by the Co-Founders. On Sunday afternoon, the Co-Founders presented a cheque in the amount of €21,724.78 to Joan Ramon Cazorla from Ronald McDonald House Charities. Thank you to all who donated to this worthwhile cause.

International events are the best way to grow your business and present the ACN Opportunity in the most compelling environment you can find. Be sure to pre-register today for the ACN International Convention to be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands from the 28th of February to 2nd March, 2014. You can also pre-register on a mobile device via www.acnreg.eu. This event will feature special guest speaker and Vice President of Leadership Development, Mr. Larry Raskin, and you will not want to miss this chance to hear from him!


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